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KLTTA Newsletter 1/06-07, Oct 2006

Persatuan Ping Pong Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur Table Tennis Association

1/06-07, October 2006

Greetings everyone* Welcome to the 1st KLTTA Newsletter 2006 - 2007 season!

Council Members for year 2006-2007:

President : Dato’ Low Keng Kok
Deputy Chairman : Mr. Kang Liang Hu
Vice President : Mr.Freddy Chan Loong Fui
Mr. Poo Lap Tuck
Mr. Tiew Chin Boon
Mr. Wong Jee Seng
Mr. Chen Fook Yen
Mr. Lim Hong Guan
Hon, Secretary : Ms.Chee ShinLian, Christina
Assist. Secretary : Mr. Yap Ling Ping
Ms. Low Min Lai
Hon. Treasurer : Mr. Teoh Hock Poh
Assist. Treasurer : Mr. Ch’ng Swee Ghiam,Albert
Council Member : Mr. Lee Ah Kit
Mr. Liew Lean Kut
Mr. Low Shu Tee
Mr. Ng Peng Kiang
Mr. Wong Woon Kim

Congratulations !!!

Congratulations to KLTTA President, Dato’ Low Keng Kok, who was elected as one of the TTAM Vice Presidents for 2006-2008 during TTAM 23rd BGM which held on 17 June 2006. Dato’ Low is also a member of TTAM Executive Board for 2006-2008.

KLTTA U21 Friendly Match on 26 March 2006 (Sunday)

KLTTA 2006 Sukma Team Vs. Singapore Polytechnic Team
: 3.30pm – 6.00pm Place : Chin Woo Association Main Hall
: Mr. Yap Ling Ping, Mr. Lee Ah Kit, Mr. Liew Lean Kut, Mr. Elbert Ch’ng, Ms. Low Min Lai & Ms. Chee Shin Lian(Christina).
: Mr. Peong Tah Seng & Ms. Chong Choi Thing

Overall Results :

Kuala Lumpur Team Won 18 Matches out of 23 Matches played.

SUKMA XI, Kedah 2006 (27 May-1 June)

Wilayah Persekutuan participated with the following Kuala Lumpur members:-
Team Manager: Mr. Lee Ah Kit,
Coach: Mr. Peong Tah Seng, Mr.Liew Lean Kut, Ms. Chong Choi Thing.
Player - Men: Muhd Airul Hafis, Tan Cheng Keat, Cheong Tong Leong, Goh Nai Ngee & Nigel Koh.
Player - Women: Foh Mei Teng, Chai Swee Yee, Fong Siew Kuin, Lau Yan Leng & Yap Pei Ching.

Our team did quite well with the following results:

Women’s Team: 4th placing

Women’s Doubles Bronze
(Foh Mei Teng & Chai Swee Yee)

Men’s Doubles 4th placing
(Muhd Airul Hafis & Tan Cheng Keat)

Teluk Danga International Games 2006 (5-8 April), Johor Bahru.

Members of Wilayah Persekutuan Table Tennis Team Members were as follows:-

Team Manager: Mr. Yap Ling Ping

Coach: Mr. Peong Tah Seng, Ms. Chong Choi Thing

Player-Men:Muhd Airul Hafis, Tan Cheng Keat, Cheong Tong Leong, Goh Nai Ngee & Nigel Koh.

Player-Women: Foh Mei Teng, Chai Swee Yee, Fong Siew Kuin, Lau Yan Leng.


Who are shining in KLTTA JUNIOR Competitions ?
Under 13 Tournament on 25 March 2006
Place : Dewan SJKC Jinjang Selatan

Results : U13 Boys
Champion : Goh Nai Ngee (ChinWoo)
1st Runner-up: Hiew Weng Keat (ChinWoo)
2nd Runner-up: Choo YoonKee (CherasBt.9)
3rd Runner-up: Lai CheeWai (ConfucianPrivate)

Results : U13 Girls
Champion : Low Poi Luan (Cheras Bt.9)
1st Runner-up: Ong MayGee (Cheras Bt.9)
2nd Runner-up: Michelle Lim (Chin Woo)
3rd Runner-up: Tan MeiTeng (Cheras Bt.9)

2006 KLTTA Under 13 Boys & Girls Winners !

Tournament Chairman, Mr.Yap,
fully concentrated organizing the competitions.

KLTTA Under 15 & Under 17 Youth Tournament
17-18 June 2006 (Sat./Sun)

Place : Dewan SJKC Jinjang Selatan

Results : U15 Boys
Champion: Cheong TongLeong (ChinWoo)
1st Runner-up:Goh NaiNgee (SMkMethodist)
2nd Runner-up: Foh Zhen Liu (Cheras Bt.9)
3rd Runner-up: Chee KeanYong (Chin Woo)

Results : U15 Girls
Champion :Foh Mei Teng (Cheras Bt.9)
1st Runner-up:Yap Pei Ching (Cheras Bt.9)
2nd Runner-up: Low PoiLuan (Cheras Bt.9)
3rd Runner-up:
Cheong JiaHwei (Kuen Cheng)

Results : U17 Boys
Champion : Chee Kean Yee (Chin Woo)
1st Runner-up:
Tan Rong Hong (Cheras Bt.9) 2nd Runner-up: Cheong Tong Leong (ChinWoo) 3rd Runner-up: Nicholas Koh (SMK Cochrane)

Results : U17 Girls
Champion : Foh Mei Teng (Cheras Bt.9)
1st Runner-up: Sia Shen Leng
(Cheras Bt.9) 2nd Runner-up: Yap Pei Ching (Cheras Bt.9) 3rd Runner-up: Tan Lay Koon (Cheras Bt.9)


KLTTA Under 10 Tournament
The following were the Final Results of the 2006 KLTTA Under 10 TTC
held at SJKC Chong Hwa Setapak Hall on 30 July 2006:

Boys Under 10
Champion : Tan Zhao Tong (Cheras Bt.9)

1st Runner-up: Goh Nai Qiang (Chin Woo)

nd Runner-up: Saw Kae Jun (Cheras Bt.9)
rd Runner-up: Ong Wei Li (Cheras Bt.9)

Girls Under 10
Champion: Ashley Koh Shein Vern (ChinWoo)
1st Runner-up: Lim Yi Yin (Jinjang Selatan)
2nd Runner-up: Koe Yueh (SJKC Jln. Davidson)
3rd Runner-up: Lee Kar Yan (Chin Woo) **************************************************************************

TTAM 2006 Under 10 Zone B Individual Tournament (3rd September 2006)
KLTTA successfully organised the above tournament on 3rd September 2006 at Stadium Chin Woo with participating teams from Perak, Selangor and Kuala Lumpur.

Many Thanks to the following members who contributed towards the success organizing of the event:-
Tournament: Mr. Yap Ling Ping, Ms. Chee Shin Lian,
Hall & Equipment:Mr. Liew Lean Kut (ChinWoo)
Umpires: Ms. Connie Lum, Ms. Lau Ai Pei and Mr. Tham Sang.

TTAM 2006 Under 10 Zone B Individual Tournament - Kuala Lumpur Team
The Kuala Lumpur team participated with the following members:
Boys’ Coach: Mr. Low Shu Tee
Players - Boys Under 10: Tan Zhao Tong, Goh Nai Qiang, Chai Bo Zho, Chan Yi Feng

Girls’ Coach: Mr. Wong Woon Kim
Players - Girls Under 10: Ashley Koh Shien Vern, Lim Yi Yin, Koe Yueh, Lau Lit Yin

Congratulations Koe Yueh to emerge the Under 10 Girls’ Singles CHAMPION!

Koe Yueh (the server) also pair up with Ashley Koh Shien Vern to rank the girls’ doubles 1st Runner-up while the boys’ doubles 1st Runner-up won by Tan Zhao Tong & Goh Nai Qiang.

Congratulations to all the four players who qualify for the Grand Final which will be held in Kuala Lumpur on 12 November 2006!

Congratulations To our 2006 Kuala Lumpur U15 & U17 Boy and Girl Youth Teams
KLTTA youth had shown both great team spirits and great performance during The 26th MILO National Youth Table Tennis Championships 2006 in Malacca from 23-26 August.

Congratulations to Chee Kien Ee emerged Champion in the Under 15 Boys’ Singles category and also named the Top Rank in the 2006 National Youth Top Ten By Rank!

Our team did perform well with the following results.
U15 Boys’ Team – 3rd placing
U15 Girls’ Team – 3rd placing
U17 Boys’ & Girls’ Team - ¼ finalist

Under 15 Boys’ Singles
Champion : Chee Kien Ee

Bravo to Kuala Lumpur Youth 15 & 17 Under !!!

Kuala Lumpur players in the 2006 National Youth
Top Ten by Rank were:

Boys’ Under 15: Chee Kien Ee–Rank 1
Goh Nai Ngee – Rank 7

Girls’ Under 15:Foh Mei Teng–Rank 9

Boys’ Under 17: Foh Zhen Liu–Rank 8

Girls’ Under 17: Sia Shen Leng–Rank 7

KLTTA participated with the following members:-
Team Manager: Mr. Liew Lean Kut
Coach : Mr. Ting Ing Hock, Ms. Chai Swee Yee, Ms. Lau Ai Pei

Boys Under 15:-
Cheong Tong Leong, Chee Kien Ee, Goh Nai Ngee, Chee Kien Yoong & Nigel Koh Player – Girls Under 15:-
Foh Mei Teng, Low Poi Goon, Cheong Jia Hwei, Yap Pei Ching & Michelle Lim.

Boys Under 17:- Tan Rong Hong, William Ng, Foh Zhen Liu, Hiew Weng Keat & Chen Kin Kit. Girls Under 17:- Sia Shen Leng, Lau Yan Leng,Soon Carmen, Tan Lay Kon & Low Poi Luan.

International Umpire Course & Examination
Date : 1st April 2006 Place : TTAM

Congratulations! Miss Wang Luan Foon and Miss Chee Shin Lian, the first two females International Umpire from Kuala Lumpur who both have passed the ITTF International Umpire Examination.
TTAM 23rd BGM on 17 June 2006
Hon. Secretary, Christina Chee and Hon. Treasurer, Mr. Teoh were nominated to attend the above meeting.


National & International Duty
Some of our officials had been apponinted by TTAM for national and international duty as follows:
National Duty:
Malaysia TT League 2006
The Officials served in the 2006 national league were Mr. Elbert Ch’ng, Ms. Low Min Lai, Mr. Yap Ling Ping.

TTAM Project 2006 Coaching Workshop on 15-16 April 2006, Place:TTAM
(The project name has changed to * TTAM Youth Elite Squad*

Mr. Liew Lean Kut was appointed as a coaching sub-committee member while Ms.Chee as a committee member by the Chairman, Dr. Khoo Siow Kian.

KLTTA council members, Mr.Yap Ling Ping, Ms. Low Min Lai, Mr. Elbert Ch’ng and Ms. Chee had served in the 13th Paralimpiad Table Tennis Championships 2006, which held in Bukit Jalil from 10th – 12th June 2006.

The 26th MILO National Youth Table Tennis Championships 2006 in Malacca from 23-26 August.
Technical Delegate: Ms. Chee Shin Lian
International Duty:
Games 15 – 26 March 2006
Our President, Dato’ Low Keng Kok, who is also TTAM Vice President, was the head of delegation for the Malaysian Table Tennis Team.

49th World TTC, Bremen-Germany 23 April – 01 May 2006 & The 5th SEA TTC, Singapore(26-28 May 2006)
Female Delegate: Ms.Christina Chee

International Referee Course & Examination 8-10 September 2006.
Place: OCM, Hotel Grand Olympic. Course coordinator: Ms. Chee Shin Lian

12th September 2006
Volkswagen China Vs World All Stars Team Challenge

Congratulations to our President, Dato’ Low Keng Kok who was the Organising Chairman, with our members in the organizing staff, Mr. Chen Fook Yen, Ms. Low Min Lai, Mr. Yap Ling Ping, Mr. Elbert Ch’ng and Ms. Christina Chee, had contributed towards the success in organizing the ITTF prestigious event.

Dato’ also conveyed his sincere thank you message to all who had contributed towards the success feast of high level table tennis in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

A group photo prior to the ITTF team challenge.

The Chinese National Men's Team comprising Wang Liqin, Ma Lin and Chen Qi with All Stars of Germany's Timo Boll, the Belarus star Vladimir Samsonov and Korea's Oh Sang Eun.


Flag of Wilayah Persekutuan

The Launching of Federal Territory Flag & Anthem

KLTTA officials and players had attended the launching of Federal Territory Flag & Anthem on 20 August 2006 at Dataran Merdeka at 8.00 p.m. by The King, Yang di-Pertuan Agong XII. The new song for the territory is Maju dan Sejahtera, which means "Progress and Prosperity."

22 September 2006
Majlis Makan Malam Anugerah 2005 Majlis Sukan Kuala Lumpur, DBKL

KLTTA President, Dato’ Low Keng Kok was with Muhd Shakirin Bin Ibrahim and Goh Nai Ngee at the MSKL-DBKL Sports Award Dinner.

Muhd Shakirin Bin Ibrahim was in the nomination receipients for the Olaragawan Award while Goh Nai Ngee was for the Harapan Lelaki Terbaik category for Majlis Sukan Kuala Lumpur year 2005.

TTAM-MSN Level 1 Coaching Course
Date: 18 – 21 September 2006
Place: SJKC Chong Hwa Setapak

KLTTA and MSSMKL were the co-organisers for the above coaching course with 27 participants in attendance.

Table Tennis.....

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